Programming Overview: Feb. 26 – Mar. 4

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Friday Night Lights Week 1 is in the books and really showed the unity of our group. Scores will be tallied and updated on the back whiteboard (on the wood wall) over the next couple of days. It was awesome to see teams and athletes come together and go through “the suck” which was 18.1!

This Friday, and for the next four weeks, we get ready to do it all again with 18.2 dropping on Thursday evening. If your team didn’t win the spirit award this past week then this Friday is your chance to make up some points!

Perform Intentional Acts of Kindness This Week

Simple Instructions:

  1. Each day, consciously perform an act of kindness. It can be as small as you like.
  2. Examples might include something as simple as holding the door open for the person walking behind you when you’re in a hurry or taking time to thank someone who offered you help or support. There is no lower limit to kindness.
  3. At the end of each day, reflect back on the acts you did or didn’t perform. If you didn’t perform an intentional act of kindness, consider why. Was it a lack of opportunity? Did you forget? Were you self-conscious?
  4. Consider any opportunities you might have missed.
  5. Score the practice as a “yes” only if you intentionally performed an act of kindness.

Monday 2/26

A) E2M x 4 sets

– 2 x (clean & jerk)

*Building from 60-75% w/ 1-2 count pause in receiving position of jerk.


E2M x 4 sets

– 1 x clean & jerk

*Building from 80-90+%.


B) For time:

– 600m run

– 15 ground to overhead (135/95)

– 400m run

– 10 ground to overhead

– 200m run

– 5 ground to overhead

*Ground to overhead should be power clean + push jerks.


C) 1 set for quality:

– 20 Turkish get-ups

Go heavy but keep form intact.  


Tuesday 2/27

A) Every 4 minutes x 4 sets:

– 20 double KB front rack walking lunges AHAP

– 10 chest to bar pull-ups (work on efficiency)

– AMRAP strict HSPU + 5 kipping HSPU


B) EMOM x AMRoundsAP

1: 15/12 cal row (scale to 12/9)

2: 12 burpees to target (scale to 10 or 8)

*Get at least 4 rounds in even if you need to take a minute or two off.

*Get into the pain cave for this one.


Wednesday 2/28

A) Every 90 sec x 6 sets each:

Station 1: 4 x bench press @ 20X1

Station 2: 4 x deadlifts @ 20X1

*Start at last week’s heaviest set.

*Build to a heavy set of 4 on each movement.


B) 3 sets all out:

– Suicide sprint down floor

– 20 KB swings (70/44)

– 40 double unders



Thursday 3/1

A) Every 90 sec x 3 sets:

– 3 stop snatch pull + high hang snatch @ 55-65%


Every 90 sec x 3 sets:

– 2 stop snatch pull + hang snatch @ 65-75%

(hang, floor)


Every 90 sec x 4 sets:

– pause snatch @ 75, 85, 90+%


B) 2K row time trial

*Goal is to hold a pace about 5 sec slower than last week’s 500m repeats.


C) 3 sets for quality:

– 10 x BB hip thrusts @ 10X1

– 30 sec x L-sit, accumulated


Friday 3/2

CrossFit Open WOD 18.2

6-8pm Friday Night Lights


Saturday 3/3

8am Masters CrossFit

9am CrossFit

10am Intro To CrossFit / Open Gym


Sunday 3/4

8am Endurance

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