Ryan Savard – Head Coach & Co-Owner

I’ve been around athletics and competition my entire life, all the way up through college. With that being said, I’ve also been experienced burnout, bad training methods, and especially injuries… lots of injuries. I was looking for something new and different. Something that would steer me clear of overuse injuries while making me leaner, stronger, and faster. Something that would challenge me both mentally and physically as well as fill that void of competition.

I found CrossFit in 2008 when a friend in college who was training for the Navy SEALs got me to join him in a workout with the name “Barbara”. After about 50 minutes I came away with what felt like a hangover, ripped hands, and a sense of humbleness that I had never felt before. After joining a box in Austin, TX I felt what it was like to be a part of a CrossFit community. I received my masters degree in kinesiology with a specialization in biomechanics and neuromuscular physiology from the University of Texas in Austin. I am also currently teaching an undergraduate class called Health and Sport at The University of Texas – Dallas.

I currently am CrossFit Level 1 and CrossFit Olympic Lifting certified. I am in the process of completing my Optimum Performance Training CCP Level 1 certification. In doing CrossFit and being around the community that it presents, I have found that I have a passion for coaching and helping others reach their goals through functional nutrition and fitness.

I believe that a hard workout is easy to find but effective training is rare. I also believe that good dieting and a constantly varied and functional fitness are foundations of health and happiness. The greatest wealth is health.

Ben Odeski – Endurance Coach & Co-Owner

I found CrossFit during a period in my life when I was doing a lot of running. Too much running. My IT bands had gotten so tight I could only make it a couple blocks down the road before I had to turn around and go home due to knee pain. My roommate at the time (EDCF co-owner Chase Heckendorn) was experimenting with some CrossFIt workouts and following the mainsite WODs. I decided to join him to get some exercise since I was sidelined from running. I had experimented with a couple CrossFit workouts from the main site before, I had made up some workouts at the park with my roommates, but I had never gone all-in and followed any CrossFit programming for an extended period of time. Within a couple weeks I could feel a noticeable difference in my knee, I tried running again and felt better on that run than I had in a long time. I knew it wasn’t just from rest, I knew I was running too much, and doing too little of everything else.

My fitness background is fairly typical for someone who grew up playing youth sports and worked out in a globo gym. In high school I picked up weight lifting while playing football, but I didn’t have good direction nor did I seek out the right information. My workout knowledge came from the internet, body building magazines and coaches who weren’t exactly specialists in strength and conditioning. I did a lot of bench press and not enough of anything else. In college I continued the body builder workouts, back and bi’s, chest and tri’s, leg days, “cardio” and all but that didn’t last longer than my freshman year. The repetitive grind of that routine finally got to me, by the time I moved off campus and the location wasn’t convenient I stopped working out completely. It would take me two years to find running and to get back to an active lifestyle and eventually find CrossFit.

I started CrossFit in May of 2011 and I completed my CrossFit L1 in May 2012. Although I still enjoy biking, running and endurance sports, CrossFit is my main form of exercise. CrossFit has changed my body and mind in many positive ways and I am excited for everyone who discovers what it can do for them. By shifting the focus of fitness from vanity and aesthetics to true health and wellness, CrossFit is transforming the fitness industry and I am proud to be part of that movement.

I have a beautiful wife Emily and we have two awesome boxers Elmer and Henry. I graduated from Woodrow Wilson High School in 2005 where I played two years of Varsity football. I graduated from Texas A&M University in 2010 with a Bachelors of Business Administration-Accounting and Masters of Science in Finance. I am a CPA, I work full-time for the commercial real estate company the Gaedeke Group and run the business affairs for EDCF. I also coach the endurance class on Sunday morning, come see me!

Trevor Speck – Coach

I was born and raised in East Dallas. Growing up, I played soccer and baseball. I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to play 2 years of college baseball at Collin County Community College on scholarship. Following my baseball career, I continued to stay active through working out at the gym, cycling and running. This eventually led to competing in local triathlons and marathons. I’ve completed three White Rock marathons and an Olympic distance Toyota US Open Triathlon.

I graduated from Texas A&M Commerce with a degree in Exercise Physiology. In 2013, I received my CrossFit L1 Cert. I’ve been CrossFitting at East Dallas for over 2 years. CrossFit has allowed me to excel in my running and cycling.

I’m completely fascinated with diet, so if you have any healthy snacks/recipes I would love to hear about them.

Jon Bunner – Coach

I moved to DFW after high school and have lived in the area for the past 15 years. I don’t really have a hometown, so I guess Dallas is my hometown by default. “Whoo-hoo!! The two sweetest words in the English language! De. Fault. De. Fault.,” as Homer Simpson might say.

I came across CrossFit in 2013 after moving in across the street at The Winsted. I had sprained my back pretty severely in 2003, and my athletic activities had been essentially non-existent since. Unhappy with how I looked and how I felt; my New Year’s Resolution for 2013 was to run one 5k a month. I started running here and there, but my weak back was hindering my performance. So I made an appointment with AIRROSTI for the day before the 2013 Hotcake Hustle (my first race). The first treatment helped significantly, but I still thought I was going to die after the race. (By the way, I did run 12 5k’s and even finished 3 duathlons in 2013.) I went back to AIRROSTI for several more treatments and was improving rapidly, but I wasn’t getting what I wanted out of just running. So, I emailed EDCF because I had noticed the gym right across the street. Knowing I needed to get back in shape and knowing I wasn’t going to be able to do it on my own, I joined in April of 2013 and haven’t looked back!

I am a CrossFit Level 1 coach. I have always loved teaching, mentoring, and coaching. I have an incessant need to help people. I thoroughly enjoy seeing the proverbial light bulb turn on when somebody gets something for the first time! I coach primarily on Wednesday evenings, but you’ll see me in class throughout the week! See you at the box!

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Sean Vaughn – Coach

Growing up in the Dallas area with a general sports background I transitioned later in life to endurance sports, primarily long distance running, both road and trail. I’ve completed several marathons and a couple of Ultra-marathons over the years but always found it difficult to balance weight training and endurance sports.

I discovered Crossfit outside the box with a few friends before joining East Dallas Crossfit as a way to begin balancing my body after several years of over training in running. I came to EDCF primarily with a desire to add Olympic Lifting to my routine.  The program due to the undeniable results and the support and friendship within the community, immediately hooked me.

I’m currently a Crossfit Level 1 Trainer and working to complete my USAW Sports Performance Coaching Course.

My goal as a coach is to inspire people to make long-term lifestyle changes through functional fitness and diet and align those goals with their phase of life. I definitely enjoy watching others be successful.

I’m married to my wife Kathleen and have two sons, Beckett and Scout. I graduated college with a Business Degree and I work full time in the Technology Industry. I also enjoy spending time outdoors and coaching kids sports.

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Rachelyn “RJ” Teague – Coach

I’m an Okie born and raised but once my time at Oklahoma State University was up, I bolted for the city and I moved to NYC for a job.  Prior to college I participated in numerous high school sports,  I was always very competitive growing up but was never quite good enough at the sports I played to be an NCAA level athlete.  I found powerlifting in high school although we did not have a team, it was part of my strength and conditioning between seasons.  Toward the end of college I got back to powerlifting and started bodybuilding.  I ultimately injured myself bodybuilding and discovered I had become bored, burned out and fairly miserable obsessing over how I looked physically, instead of how my body performed.   During this hectic and rapidly changing time I had moved back to Oklahoma for 2 months and then to Dallas, where I have stayed.  In the interim I found CrossFit.

I loved powerlifting, desperately wanted to get into Olympic lifting and was ready to walk away from bodybuilding.  CrossFit gave me a community, a family, an environment of healthy competition and a way to work on my fitness and personal lifting goals while still making all the movements we practice scalable for all.

I’ve been on a long and convoluted journey to find a career in health and fitness.  I have always enjoyed teaching, coaching, helping others reach their goals or discover they are capable of doing something they never thought they would be able to achieve.  By day, I’m a Certified Recovery Specialist for Airrosti Rehab Centers in Uptown Dallas.  I love that I get to positively impact and change lives every day by helping our patients live pain free, better understand their body and how it moves and functions.  I am CrossFit Level 1 certified, FMT1 certified through RockTape and I’m looking to add to the list.

I have been in many gyms, CrossFit or otherwise, and I finally feel like I have a home at EDCF.  I’ve been a part of the CrossFit community since 2012 and I have never looked back.

Your body is an amazing machine.  Use it, challenge it and discover how awesome it is.

Katherine Hearty – Coach

I found East Dallas CrossFit in the Spring of 2016 and immediately felt like part of the family. I grew up in Dallas playing volleyball, basketball, and tennis (I was the only girl in my high school class to earn 12 varsity letters #humblebrag), and over the years, my athletic endeavors have run the gamut from half marathons and flag football teams to yoga, rowing, circus school, and more. I’ve always loved working out, but after completing a Tough Mudder back in 2012, I needed a new challenge. My best friend had been pestering me to try out CrossFit for over a year, so I finally signed up for beginner classes and was hooked from the first wall ball.

I am one of the lucky people who can say CrossFit helped change my life. After graduating from UT Austin with a Bachelors of Journalism, I spent over a decade in finance. I began coaching CrossFit in 2013 at a different gym and ran an all-female lifting class where I saw just how empowering strength training could be; around that time, I realized how unfulfilled I was in my 8 to 5 spreadsheet job, and how incredibly motivated I was to help people achieve their goals. Because of that, I left finance and now work as a Career Counselor in UTD’s School of Management, where I am an advocate to 8000+ students and have the privilege of coaching them through their job and internship searches.

I am CrossFit Level I and Kettlebell certified and have a deep love for double-unders. I am passionate about helping people find their confidence through fitness and wholeheartedly believe that CrossFit can play a pivotal role in achieving your goals, because it did mine!

Mike Przywara – Coach

I am a Florida boy that made my way to Dallas in 2010. Not being very athletic or involved in sports growing up, my athletic knowledge base was lacking. After trying the normal gym life for years (and failing at it), I started researching group fitness and came across Crossfit on YouTube. That day I spent 4 hours straight watching these athletes accomplishing amazing things. I made the decision that I was going to jump in feet first with CrossFit and go outside my normal comfort zones. I started at my first CrossFit box in 2014 as the newest of newbies and a New Year’s resolution. I generally understood what the basic lifts were but the Olympic lifts were so foreign and difficult to understand. After the prep course, I was hooked. All I knew was that I was sore all the time but I still had the determination to keep coming in every day and working on my weaknesses.

CrossFit opened up a world of fitness and wellbeing. Also it showed me what a true “community” means.

I found EDCF after my old box closed. I dropped in one day and never left. EDCF has the best coaches, training and community of any boxes I have dropped in at or worked out at. These people are family that I shed sweat, blood, and tears with day in/day out.

After two years of being an individual athlete, I needed something more. I went for my L1 CrossFit Certification in 2016. My new goal is to not only develop myself as an individual but to help the other members of EDCF reach their potential as an athlete.

I am currently the logistics and supply chain management lead at Lockheed Martin on the PAC-3 Patriot Missile Program.

Mitchell Mills – Coach

I was born and raised in Lubbock, Tx (yes, the red desert) and followed my athletic dreams to play football in college. After my stint, there, I came back to Lubbock and had no idea what to do with myself. I went to the typical bro gym, tried to be active in city leagues, anything just to find that comradery I loved back in my football days. In 2011, I was convinced to try crossfit out, and after getting my butt kicked on the first day, I was hooked. In June of 2012, I had broken my ankle due to a “snatch gone bad.” That’s when I realized that I wasn’t getting coached like I needed, nor were other people, after seeing everyone else having to scale due to injuries, not because of performance level. That’s what I decided that I wanted to learn everything I could about crossfit, movement, and coaching. In December of 2012, I received my L1, and started coaching immediately, helping anybody and everybody.

I take pride in helping people from the very basics to the most complex. I love the Olympic movements and have ran a few Olympic lifting seminars. I also have spent some time in Boston, MA under Ben Bergeron, learning from one of the best coaches in America. I also have been a part of “GRID” which is a professional fitness league based off crossfit. I love competing, I love the comradery, and I love that I have found a place that loves crossfit as much as I do! If you ever have any questions about competing, nutrition, or trying to fix your mental game/capacity, please feel free to pick my brain!
I currently have my Level 1, my Level 2, Crossfit Weightlifting, USAW, and NSCF certification. I’ve been looking to start studying for my Level 3, and continue furthering my USAW certifactions.

I have a simple philosophy: Do things right, control your destiny. Simply meaning, if you do what you need to, when you need to, how you need to, and put complete responsibility into yourself, then you will get the results you desire. Thank you EDCF for welcoming both Liz and I into the gym, and making us feel at home!