Meet The Girls – CrossFit Benchmark Workouts Infographic

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Meet the Girls – Infographic designed by our very own Kelsea Everett! We took all 21 of CrossFit’s “Girls” benchmark workouts and categorized them in four groups. Group 1) Bodyweight Only – Pull-ups, Push-ups, Sit-ups, Running, Air Squats, Handstand Push-ups and Double-unders Group 2) Bodyweight & Lifting (no-barbell) – These include a combination of box jumps, wall balls, and kettlebells along with the bodyweight movements mentioned in the 1st group. Group 3) Bodyweight & Barbell – Mixture of bodyweight and gymnastics movements combined with barbell movements. And finally, Group 4) Barbell-Only or “The Heavies” – Benchmark wods with only barbell movements.  Interested? Read on and feel free to share on your blog or website (see embed code at the bottom).  High-resolution poster size in the works!

POSTER UPDATE (5/23) – Thanks for your patience everyone! The poster file is now available here:

Meet The Girls CrossFit Infographic

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