Do I have to get fit first? I’ve heard CrossFit is hard!

No, come as you are. Does that mean it will be easy? Of course not. It will, however be safe by scaling to your ability level whether you are limited in strength, coordination, past injury and limited range of motion or just very “out of shape”. Our 8 class Prep Course is designed to give you the all the tools you need from teaching and perfecting your technique to building your base level of fitness before hopping into the regular classes. Personal training is also an option for those who might need a little extra help.


I’ve heard CrossFit could injure me and has no regards to good form. Is this true?

We at EDCF are strong believers in prehab, rehab, strengthening of weaknesses, and improving biomechanics. Whatever your current condition, we can scale workouts to your needs, and prescribe the necessary movements to allow you to heal, and get stronger. Our programming is well thought out and applied over time (periodized) so that one becomes stronger and mechanically sound before adding intensity before it is needed.


CrossFit seems expensive, is it?

Let’s examine what you get along with a membership. You have the ability to attend small group classes every day of the week. In these classes you will have often receive one on one attention from one of our CrossFit certified coaches. Classes are run from start to finish by the coach. The programming is set before you walk in the door. No more not knowing what to do and when to do it when you step into the gym. You also get access to knowledge on nutrition and health and wellness through email whenever you like. Most important is the community you will become a part of. Working out alongside your peers and adapting to more of a team mentality of sorts will only improve your training experience. There are also discounts for military, family, teachers, students, police, and fire department.


Ok I would like to try it out. What do I need to do next?

Stop in for one of our free Saturday classes. These classes run from about 10-10:45am. All you have to do is show up, with workout clothes on of course. Can’t make these? Contact us HERE to schedule a free one-on-one with one of our coaches. If you would like to bypass this step and go right to signing up for the next Prep Course click HERE.


What’s your policy on Drop-Ins?

If you’re visiting Dallas from out of town and are an active member at another CrossFit affiliate, you are welcome to join us if you have at least 3 months of prior CrossFit experience at another affiliate. We do ask that you please contact us prior to your visit. Our members are required to enroll in classes and we want to make sure there’s enough space in the class time you’re interested in.  Also, we want to ensure that you’re comfortable with the movements in the WOD.  Please purchase a Single Class Drop-In session or a 10-15 Class Punch Card should you be here for an extended amount of time by following the link HERE.