Programming Overview: July 10-16 (N&WP Week 10)

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Week 10 of the Nutrition & Wellness Program is as follows:

Maintain the alterations you made during week 9 with your macro numbers.  Continue to weigh yourself and pay attention to how you feel day to day, at work, at home and during activity.  Please let your small group coach know if your weight moves more than 6-8lbs in the wrong direction (if you are trying to gain and start losing weight for instance).  

Recovery is a very important aspect to exercise and to using your body.  If you have gone to the gym 6 days in a row, it’s time for a rest day.  You can still get out and be active, we like to call this active recovery, you don’t need to lie on the couch all day and we don’t suggest that you do that.  Go for a walk with a friend or significant other, go for a bike ride, have a day at the pool or go do some yoga.  If you are not sure how to schedule rest days, a good place to start is by doing 3 days in a row of exercise and then one day of rest.  Rest is crucial for proper repair and recovery.  Going through this program you are becoming more and more body aware.  Listen to your body.  If you are feeling sluggish and having a hard time with exercise, it’s probably time for some rest and recovery.

Your wellness goal for the week is to foam roll once a day for 5 days out of the week.  Suggested muscle groups to mobilize on the foam roller: thoracic spine, lumbar spine, glutes, quads, IT band, adductors, calves.


Monday 7/10

A) Every 60 seconds x 8 sets

– 1 front squat

*Start at heaviest 2 reps from last week and build if able.


B) Every 2 minutes x 3 sets

– 8 back squats @ 70%


C) For time:

– 30/24 cal row

– 30 thrusters (95/65)

– 30 burpees over the barbell

Tuesday 7/11

A) E2MOM x 8 sets:

– 1 power clean + jerk

*Jerk can be either push or split.

*Build to a heavy rep.


B) E4MOM x 4 sets @ 80-90%:

– 400m run

– 40 double unders

– 10 hang power cleans (135/95)


Wednesday 7/12

A) E2MOM x 3 sets:

– 3 x high hang snatch @ 50-60%


E2MOM x 3 sets:

– 2 x hang snatch @ 65-75%


E2MOM x 3 sets:

– 1 x snatch @ 80-90%

*If mobility is an issue, limit movement to a power snatch.


B) E2MOM x 5 sets:

– 5 push press

*Start moderately heavy (60%) and build to a tough set.


C) 3 sets for quality:

– 6-10 strict pull-ups (add weight if needed)

– 6-10 strict handstand push-ups (scale 2/ 6 negatives)

– 10 hollow rocks + 10 V-ups + 10 hollow rocks


Thursday 7/13

A) Every 10 minutes at 80-90% pace x 3-4 sets:

– 500/400m row

– 20 wallballs

– 20 push presses (95/65)

– 20 box jumps – step down

– 50 double unders


*Switch order every set.

*Keep times consistent.


B) For quality:

– 50 banded pull-aparts

– 30 reverse snow angels w/ 2.5lb plates


Friday 7/14

A) E3MOM x 5 sets:

– 5-4-3-2-2 bench press @ 20X1

– 10-12 BB curls @ 20X1

– 10-12 medball supine hamstring curls @ 20X1

*BP should be heavier than last week.


B) 3 sets for quality:

– 1 lap/side suitcase carry (w/ farmers carry handle)

– 20 tricep pull-downs (w/ green band)

– 10/side KB front rack reverse lunges (AHAP)

– 10/side bent over DB rows (AHAP)


Saturday 7/15

8am Masters

9am CrossFit

10am Barbell

11am FREE Intro To CrossFit


Sunday 7/16

8am Endurance

11-2pm Open Gym

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