Programming Overview: Feb. 12-18

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This week’s Whole Life Challenge well-being practice is thinking about your most important goals.


  1. At the beginning of the week, write out a list of several of your most important intentions, aims, or goals, along with why each one is important to you.
  2. Each day, rewrite your list and remove one goal until you have a single, most-important one remaining. (Consider: removing an intention or goal can be based on the intention or goal itself, or the “why.”)
  3. Continue to rewrite your most-important intention, goal, or aim and its “why” each day for the remainder of the week (Consider: your “why” can evolve as you go.)

The 2018 Open

The 2018 Open is right around the corner with the first workout dropping February 22nd and we want you to be a part of it with us!

What is the Open you might say? The Open is 5 workouts, 1 per week, that people from around the globe participate in. There are RX and scaled divisions to go along with regular, masters, and teen categories.

We participate in the Open every year as a gym and this year we are kicking it up a notch with the EDCF Intramural Open!

What is the EDCF intramural Open you might say? Well every person who officially signs up under our gym to participate in the open will be placed on one of 4 teams. Their will be 4 team captains who we will be naming later this week. There will be points for completion and submittal of each Open WOD, PRs reached, and overall spirit at Friday Night Lights.
What is Friday Night Lights you might say (last time I promise)? It’s when we take on each Open WOD as a gym community every Friday night starting at 6:30pm. The atmosphere is the best part about FNL by far. It is a time to celebrate your fitness journey with friends and push yourself to new limits. Don’t worry if your schedule doesn’t allow for this because there will be open gym times on Saturday and Sunday for make-ups. Oh and we also need judges and spectators so we expect to see you there regardless!
So sign up for the Open with us! Go to to do so and let me know if you have any questions.

Monday 2/12

A) Every 90 sec x 8 sets

– split jerk

*Building from 65-95+%.

*Pause 1-2 counts in receiving position on first 4 sets.
Barbell Cycling Day 3

B) E2M x 3 sets:

– 8 x UB TnG power clean + push jerk

*Build as you go. Work on efficient movement.


C) Tester

Level 3: 50 T2B for time in UB sets of 5

Level 2: 30 T2B for time in UB sets of 3

Level 1: 50 hanging high knee raises for time

  1. D) For quality:

– 20 Turkish get-ups (10/arm)

*Go heavy but stay smooth and in control
Tuesday 2/13

A) E2MOM x 7 sets:

– 5 box squats

*Absolutely no rocking. Keep weight in heels with a widened stance.

*Weight should be about the same across all sets and the same or slightly heavier than last week.


B) Every 6 minutes x 3-4 sets:

– 400m run

– 25 wallballs (20/14)

– 10 CTB pull-ups
Wednesday 2/14

  1. A) E2MOM x 3 sets:

– 3 position snatch @ 55-65%

(high, hang, floor)


E2MOM x 3 sets:

– 2 position snatch @ 65-75%

(hang, floor)


E2MOM x 3 sets:

– snatch @ 75, 85, 90+%


B) For time:

– 10 burpee box jump overs

– 30 alternating DB snatch

– 10 burpee box jump overs

– 20 alternating DB snatch

– 10 burpee box jump overs

– 10 alternating DB snatch

– 10 burpee box jump overs
Thursday 2/15

A) EMOM x 12 min (6 sets total):

Station 1: 6 x close grip bench press @ 20X1

Station 2: 6 x Romanian deadlifts @ 20X1

*Keep weight heavier than last week’s heaviest set.


B) 4 sets:

– banded partner sprints wall to wall


*These should be max effort.


C) 3 sets for quality:

– 8 single arm overhead DB press / side

– 16 alternating DB curls / side

– 8 dual DB delt flys
Friday 2/16

A) E2MOM x 10 sets

– 1 front squats

*Start at heaviest weight from last week’s 2’s.

*Goal here is to be near 95% across the board.


B) 4-6 sets:

– 500m row @ 90%


*Goal is to keep each row at almost exactly the same pace. If you can keep pace then go for 5 or 6 sets. Don’t slow from last week!
Saturday 2/17

8am Masters

9am CrossFit

10am Free Intro / Open Gym
Sunday 2/18

8am Endurance

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