EDCF Nutrition & Wellness Program

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Just in time for swimsuit season!… We are about to launch the EDCF Nutrition & Wellness Program. This 12 Week program will build each week with new tasks and goals to accomplish. We will meet as a group every 4 weeks during the program with an kick-off meeting on Sunday, May 7th at the gym. The other meetings will be held Sunday June 4th, July 2nd, and July 30th.

Those who enroll will be led by an EDCF coach who will oversee a small group of athletes. Coaches will be available to you for support should you have questions or concerns. Private Facebook groups will be created for you to utilize as well so you can share information with others also on the program, propose questions, and take part in discussions. This will also be an easy way for your coach to communicate with the group and disseminate information such as related blogs or articles (Don’t worry you will have our email addresses and phone numbers too!). We are here to help. You are not on your own!

Not only will we be discussing food and nutrition but also sleep, recovery and proper supplementation. It’s not about who can shed the most weight or eat the most sweet potatoes. We want to help you guys to better understand how YOUR body works, trains, sleeps, recovers and most importantly create some good, long lasting habits.

The program is free to sign up but there will be a small (very small) financial incentive. The body fat testing truck will be out again at EDCF on May 11th and then again on August 3rd. We ask those athletes who sign up for the program that you have the tests performed on those 2 dates to have data to compare from Week 1 to Week 12. Please find the sign up links below:


The better you understand your body, the easier is it to be successful with your goals whether they are related to your weight, performance, sleep habits or physical appearance.

Sign up for the EDCF Nutrition and Wellness Program by clicking on the link below:


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