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CrossFit sprang from the belief that the best way to prepare for anything and everything is to not specialize and to increase your functional fitness comprehensively. CrossFit accomplishes this by gleaning the essential movements, skills and strengths required in sport and a wide variety of physical tasks and creating demanding WODs (Workouts Of the Day) that call on them all. The developer of CrossFit, Greg Glassman, provided the following definition: CVFM (constantly varied functional movements) at HI (high intensity) + Communal Environment = Health & Fitness. In layman’s terms, you’ll work your butt off with some of the best people you’ll ever meet, attempting intense and varied workouts. We should add that not only is the whole process inspiring, fun, addicting and fulfilling, but the results are phenomenal!

Some of the many movements and skills that are incorporated in CrossFit are running, rowing, biking, Olympic lifting, gymnastics, bodyweight exercises, rope climbs, jumping rope and plyometric work. Most CrossFit classes last an hour and follow the same structure, including a dynamic warm up, skill work focusing on a particular strength, followed by the Workout of the Day.

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Programming Overview: June 19-25 (N&WP Week 7)Programming Overview: June 19-25 (N&WP Week 7)

Posted Jun 19 2017 by Ryan Savard

Programming Overview: June 19-25 (N&WP Week 7)

Nutrition & Wellness Program: Week 7 During week 7 we want to address how you eat on training days versus rest days.  On days that you workout you will expend and need more energy than the days that you rest from the gym.  You will need to consume more carbohydrates and a little less fat.  [...]

Programming Overview: June 12-18 (N&WP Week 6)Programming Overview: June 12-18 (N&WP Week 6)

Posted Jun 12 2017 by Ryan Savard

Programming Overview: June 12-18 (N&WP Week 6)

Week 6 (half way!) of the Nutrition & Wellness Program is here and we are dropping an important concept… Nutrient Timing! We want you to move heavy fat consumption away from training time and move more carbohydrate consumption closer to training time.  When your body is under extreme str[...]

Programming Overview: June 5-11 (N&WP Week 5)Programming Overview: June 5-11 (N&WP Week 5)

Posted Jun 05 2017 by Ryan Savard

Programming Overview: June 5-11 (N&WP Week 5)

EDCF Nutrition & Wellness Program Week 5 Building on the elements we have introduced the first 4 weeks, this week we want you to start some portion control.  The goal for each meal is a palm size of lean protein, a fist size of complex carb and a thumb of fat.  You may eat as many non-starchy[...]